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If you are interested in Robotics and want learn in and out about it, then you are at right place. I will help you to understand about robotics from the very basics to the extent what I know.

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Let me list some topics we should know about robotics.

Basics of Robotics:

To implement what we have learnt, we need to have some programming knowledge like c++ and python. I will be using ROS to build my robots. If you know nothing about ROS, don't worry I will guide you through the basics of ROS and necessary concepts  

Robotic Operating System ( ROS ):

1. Basics of ROS

2. ROS control

3. ROS Navigation Stack

4. ROS MoveIt

5. ROS Aruduino interface 

Advanced Robotics:

1. Path Planning

2. Motion Planning

3. Dynamics and Control

4. Vision and Perception

Robotic Projects

Projec Section
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