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Robotic Vegetable chopper

     I am trying to build a autonomous Robotic vegetable chopper which can be used in day to day life to cut vegetables without human intervention.


     So far I have 3D modelled a chopper design which can cut vegetables when placed under this. Below is a video that shows the chopper design in action.

     The above 3D design is the first version of the chopper which can cut the vegetables only in vertical direction. I have a complete Idea to make an advance robotic chopper which can cut the vegetables in desired shapes and sizes. But to keep things simple at the starting stage, I will be using this basic chopper design. In later version I will design the more advanced chopper.

     To complete the autonomous Robotic Vegetable chopper I need a Robotic Arm to pick and place the vegetables under this chopper. So for this task I'm 3D printing a 6-DOF arm . Once the 6-DOF arm is ready, I'll make a video of the arm and chopper working together to autonomously cut the vegetables. 

Thank you.

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